Palin Does NOT Speak for Me and Never Will

“It should be obvious to anyone in politics that making a list such as Ms. Palin made is tantamount to asking someone to commit the deed.  You do NOT make a list like she did and expect there to be no consequences.  A fanatic takes something like that and believes it should be carried out.  And her personal form of political bigotry ended up getting people killed, including a 9-year-old child.

For SHAME on you Ms. Palin.   And  shame on you for your lack of tolerance for other people and their ideas.  You do NOT represent the Constitution of the United States nor do you speak for me or anyone else I know.  And I thank God every day for that fact.  I also thank God that you never got elected outside of your home state. ”

This was my response to a link on facebook today trying to claim that nothing like a “list” was ever mentioned.  As the article states, her aides forgot that everything she has ever said can be googled.

Here’s part of the quote from facebook.

Apparently forgetting that the world has “the Google” to look things up, one of Palin’s aides claims that the bullseyes on their infamous target list (see link) were in fact “cross-hairs like you’d see on maps.”

Except that Palin herself called them “bullseyes” on Twitter after the election (see link).

Oh, and hey… who the hell put…s cross-hairs on a map? See More

Palin Aide: Crosshairs On Target List Not Actually Gun Sights

An aide to Sarah Palin claims the crosshairs depicted in her now-infamous target list of Democrats were not actually gun-sights, and that it’s “obscene” and “appalling” to blame Palin for the shooting.
And that was why I got angry……..she spewed hatred and incited  people and now tries to deny she did any such thing.
The hatred and garbage that certain politicians spew is wrong.  They wonder why they can get nothing done and they wonder why things like this happen.  They don’t stop to consider that what they say is gospel to certain types of people.
Politicians need to stop being egocentric, mean-spirited, greedy, spoiled brats and realize that in order to accomplish anything you need team work and not partisanship.  Maybe then, and maybe by watching what comes spewing out of their mouths, an even like yesterdays shooting could be prevented and perhaps get this country back where it belongs.

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I believe that we are here for a reason. We just don't know what it is. I believe there are no borders or color differentiations. We're all the same under the skin and we all want the same basic things. I hate injustice and tend to take a stand against what I feel is unfair and just plain wrong. So, read on and comment if you'd like. Happy New Year!
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