Animal Die-Offs and Polar Magnetic Shift

Do scientists really believe the bird die offs, crab die offs, tilapia die offs and other fish and animal deaths that are occurring around the world are just “natural”?  With the Magnetic North Pole moving into Russia at roughly 40 miles a year, it just could be that this is beginning to disturb all the creatures out there.  Maybe even man.

I’m no doom-sayer.  I don’t believe in the 2012 scenario but I do believe that things change and recur in cycles.  Our planet has a history of magnetic pole reversals and pole movements.  It’s been confirmed in various solidified lava flows around the world.   If it’s happening again, it would most certainly affect animals and fish that use the magnetic field of the earth to migrate and navigate by.

So far, in all the reading I’ve done, I haven’t seen anyone mentions this.  Maybe I haven’t read far enough, but it seems a fairly logical assumption to me.


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2 Responses to Animal Die-Offs and Polar Magnetic Shift

  1. Dale says:

    I agree. The movement of the Pole is causing major changes. The earths crust has to shift with it, therefore causing quakes. In the US, most of the animal deaths occurred along the New Madrid Fault Line. I believe it had something to do with small amounts of gas that escaped. Not enough to cause humans to become sick but enough to kill them. Birds were commonly used in mining to detect poisonous gasses.

    Just a theory.

    • Sounds valid to me. Not only that, but, with the fault line possible moving, there’s bound to be sound that we can hear but animals can. Just like animals go nuts before an earthquake.

      I wonder if anyone has looked into all the die-offs relating to where fault lines are located? It would be an interesting study! Thank you.

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