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A Guy Walks Into A Bar….Oh, Wait……

This is a bit of humor for all the people who write for a living or just for their own enjoyment. Advertisements

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The “Guy Rules” Written by a Guy……lol

The Man Rules At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down (author unknown, but brilliant!) Finally , the guys’ side of the story.  We always hear the rules from the female side.  Now here are … Continue reading

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Who Put Religion in My Politics?

I’m serious.  Who put religion in my politics?  And why did they feel the need to do it? The last thing I want to hear about from a presidential candidate, or any candidate for that matter, is his religion.   And … Continue reading

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Telling It Like It Is

Jack Wolf’s Photos (Fanatics make up a small part of any culture.  This applies to them and not the majority of the people in the Middle East.   kah/avlanchlovngirl) This applies to the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia . Written by a … Continue reading

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Internet Television And SOPA

For a law that didn’t pass, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is certainly cutting back on my online viewing time. Most of us avid internet nuts have certain sites that we like to go to so that we can watch, … Continue reading

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John Glenn….A Short Tribute

I was 4 years old when Astronaut John Glenn orbited the earth.  And I’ve been addicted to anything concerning space ever since. Yes,  I know I was too young to remember him orbiting the earth 3 times personally, but when … Continue reading

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New York Deli Style Rye Bread

Originally posted on Sydney'sKitchen:
Baking is a form of therapy for me.  It forces me to concentrate on the task at hand.  Everything else that is currently taking up space in my fore-brain is put aside and quite literally…

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The Birth Control Flap

    Yesterday, I read an article by Maura Casey, in the Hartford Courant, called “Catholic Women Must Speak Out”.  (,0,6130105.story). It’s an excellent article exhorting Catholic women to begin speaking out about birth control and override the Catholic Church’s ban … Continue reading

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