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Freedom Depends on Education

The title pretty much sums it up. Without education…..being taught not just book learning but how to think, reason and form an objective opinion from all sides of an issue… have a massive problem. People become sheep.  This isn’t a … Continue reading

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A Short Word On Ignorance…..

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To All the So-Called Christians Who Hate

Hey,  all you Christians spouting your lovely words of hate about Obama, abortion doctors, homosexuals and all the people who don’t agree with you because of your narrow, insular, uneducated mind…..guess what???     That’s right.  You have forgotten the lessons … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction?

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How Long is a Day to God?

Yes, I’m still on my rant about the Nye/Ham Debate the other night.  lol  And I won’t apologize for it.  That had to be the most incredibly ignorant show I have watched in years, excluding Bill Nye’s responses, which were … Continue reading

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Carpe Librum

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Taxing Churches and the NFL

Why not? Why not tax the NFL? As of this moment, they are completely tax exempt. They make billions every year off of every fan (and a lot of non-fans who buy stuff for loved ones) who go to games, … Continue reading

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Bill Nye, Ken Ham – Creationism vs. Science

I listened to the debate last night between Bill Nye, the Science Guy and Ken Ham, the Creationist Guy. Right off the bat I was amused by Mr. Ham’s changing the definition of certain words to make them fit with … Continue reading

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