Bill Nye, Ken Ham – Creationism vs. Science

I listened to the debate last night between Bill Nye, the Science Guy and Ken Ham, the Creationist Guy. Right off the bat I was amused by Mr. Ham’s changing the definition of certain words to make them fit with his version of creationism. Needless to say, I was less than impressed with his “logical” reasoning….or lack thereof.

His sole reason for everything, no matter what it is, or what was asked, is that God did it. Ok. Great. If that’s the case, why can’t he explain WHY God did it? Shouldn’t all of those answers be in the Bible? Mr. Ham believes in the Bible completely, until asked that question, then he said he believes but that sections like Psalms are more of a learning tool than anything else. Wonder how he explains the pornographic parts in the Song of Solomon?

He was adamant that man and dinosaurs lived together at the same time. If that was the case, why are there no cave paintings of dinosaurs? Cavemen painted what they saw, did and lived with. Much as people do today. I’m sure Mr. Ham would say because God didn’t want them pictured or say “I have a book…” the way he did during the debate. His smugness was annoying.

All I can say is, there are no cave drawings by earliest man of dinosaurs. Therefore, for all practical intents and purpose, they did NOT share the earth with man. Man came later. What Mr. Ham was saying was pure idealogy…..his own personal brand of it…. and not facts or truth or even evidence of any kind.

I believe in God because I have faith in that, what I see around me, cannot be an accident. Observation tells me that this world and the life on it cannot just be a cosmic accident. It’s progressed and changed over the millennia which means it has evolved.

I believe in evolution because I can SEE it. I believe in it because I can see that each generation, has changed. Whether we’ve grown taller as a people or we live longer….this is evolution.

I can see dirt cover things and over time get deeper and deeper so I know, empirically, that man has been on this planet much longer than the 6,000 years that Mr. Ham promulgates. Evidence this by layers of lava or farmers who can see their land eroding. I can see the evolution of birds that have been isolated on an island and have changed to fit their surroundings. I have studied the evolution of fruit flies. One genetic change, turning a gene on or off, can make a big difference in how we look, act, and survive.

The Bible is God’s word, to a point. It cannot be the literal truth because MAN has translated it hundreds of times over the past several thousand years and interpreted it to suit him or the beliefs of the time. If you think there are no mistakes, outright changes or omissions in the Bible, think again. King James had sections changed because he didn’t like what was said! Translations of the Dead Seas Scrolls which contain original writing of the Bible, show this to be true as does the Torah, which was in existence long before the Bible and upon which the Old Testament is based. And before anyone says I have no clue what I’m talking about, I was a religion minor in college and I have read the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. It is out there for anyone to see and research.

And not all of the letters written by the Apostles are in the Bible. Not all the Apostles are in the Bible! They were considered too controversial or unimportant when the Bible was being put together as an actual book with man-delineated chapters in roughly 1248 Anno Domini. (sorry, old school!)

And the Protestant Bible is different from the Orthodox Ethiopian Bible, which is different from the Catholic Bible, which different from the Eastern Orthodox Bible and is a bit different from the “Christian” Bible. So which one is right and true? Each religion thinks theirs is, of course!

It was in 367 a.d. that the almost final form of the Bible we know today was adopted. Or should I say put into one book. (even though Gutenberg hadn’t invented the printing press yet!)

But, it was in 1542 that the Council of Trent finally adopted the book we call the Bible today. That is 1,509 years AFTER the death of Christ.

Think about it. 1500 years later, from Aramaic, to Egyptian, to Latin, to Greek, to heaven knows how many other languages down through time, including the “modern” current translations (which, having read one of these “modern” translations scares me with its lack of relationship to the Bible of even 100 years ago)…….How does Mr. Ham know with such certainty that man, in his infinite egotism, hasn’t changed the word of God for his own benefit?

This is a brilliant piece by Arik Bjorn.

Just a couple of references to start off your thinking…..
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One Response to Bill Nye, Ken Ham – Creationism vs. Science

  1. Arik Bjorn says:

    Wow. Just seeing this all these many months later. Thank you for the wonderful plug. Still waiting for Ken’s reply. ha!

    I believe we’re here for a reason, as well. Good luck on your blogging! Come visit my FB writer page sometime.



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