For 2 days I have put up with being bashed by the men and women who responded to a comment made by President Jimmy Carter about how women are being held back by certain churches.

This post was from the Federalist Papers.  It was ironic that it was the majority of men who told me to go live in a different country, preferably Islamic, that I was “deranged” and that I was “ignorant”, to mention just a few of the derogatory comments that were made.

In light of the pastor in Arizona who says women need to “shut up” in church and have no place speaking out about religion, I answered and agreed with Pres. Carter.  There are some churches out there that will still oppress women in one way or another.  Reality pretty much says that if one church is doing this, there are others with this same attitude.

So, I have been bashed for this opinion by the zealots.  Christian hypocrites who are citing Jesus but who act the opposite of what Jesus taught.  You can quote scripture all you want but if you can’t live the Word, then you need to stop insulting other people and work on yourself.

My answer was the following:

“I love how I’m being bashed here. It’s obvious that no one is allowed to disagree with all of you or you’ll tell them to try a different religion, call them names, insult their femininity, etc. and it’s the men who are the most insulting. (gee, sounds like disrespect, doesn’t it?)

It’s sad really that we have lost the ability for honest discourse and debate. It’s sad that we have to sink to name calling and insults to make a point.

You are all defending your religion, I can agree with that. What you aren’t doing is looking at the BIGGER picture.  If this one pastor is shutting women up then, guess what, so are others…. just not so loudly. I am a student of history and have seen this before. I am also a Catholic. I know about oppression and how the churches treat women and teach them to feel guilty about who, and what, they are.  So, don’t lay on me that all these churches you go to are so holy and righteous that they don’t treat their women as second class citizens. Many still do although many have changed their attitudes and have come into the 21st century.

There are many different ways to oppress people. I’ve seen it in many different faiths including Baptist, Catholic, Protestant and Methodist churches. My female friends have complained about it over the years. Not letting women in church if they’re divorced is another way of oppressing them.

Yes, things have changed. Yes, women are in many of the pulpits in this country. Thank God for that, BUT there are still places/churches out there in this country that treat women badly, tell them they can’t speak, need to be “subservient” to men, can’t attend church because of divorce, or out of wedlock pregnancy. And if you don’t believe that, you are living in your own little world of religious fantasy.

Every day in the news you see it. One group here, one pastor there, a cult over there……..Yeah, it’s out there and you’d all better wake up and smell the coffee instead of being so damned self-righteous you can’t see any other point of view.”

I added this a short while ago to respond to a woman who had a very good idea:

“That is a very valid and reasonable idea. (replacing the pastor of the church in question) Christianity does NOT preach any of that. But you see it every day by “good” Christians. Good Christians who treat others the way THEY don’t want to be treated. Good Christians who mock and insult others in a way Jesus NEVER would. They can’t walk the walk or talk the talk so they sink to a level that Christ would never dream of. I’ve read the Bible, cover to cover, twice. No where in that great Book have I ever seen Jesus bash anyone but the money lenders in the temple and those who had no tolerance for those who were different, suffering, or poor. You are correct. A new pastor with a different attitude is what they need, desperately. ”

And the bashers need a new attitude, too, even more desperately.


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I believe that we are here for a reason. We just don't know what it is. I believe there are no borders or color differentiations. We're all the same under the skin and we all want the same basic things. I hate injustice and tend to take a stand against what I feel is unfair and just plain wrong. So, read on and comment if you'd like. Happy New Year!
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