A Newspaper Screw Up……..

When you do a benefit for a charity you don’t expect the local news paper to insult you and demean what you did.

To say the least, I was stunned when I read the front page article that said we didn’t make enough money and that the leftover pop and hotdogs had to be sold and stored to make enough money.  The person who wrote the article (I can’t call her a reporter) never showed up at the event and only talked to ONE person to get her information for this article.  This was also the first year for the event and, as any event promoter will tell you, there will be problems.

This goes to show what the media, at all levels has turned into.  Non-fact checking, opinion spewing, unethical writers.  I refuse to call them journalists because journalists repeatedly check their facts and back up their articles with more than just ONE single interview.  A true journalist doesn’t go to print BEFORE they have all the FACTS and have double and triple checked those facts.

So, being me, I wrote a response which follows below.  I’ll include a link, at the end, to the article in case you’re interested in reading it before or after.

My response………..

Just got done reading the article by Lou Whitmire about the Shriners Chili and Wing Cook Off.

How terribly sad that she couldn’t write something positive and, instead, went with the negative.

Instead of focusing on what went wrong…. every event has problems and any event planner will tell you that…..she should have concentrated on the good things that happened. Instead, she glided right over that and went straight into the “glitches”.

People were entertained by, and loved, the bands. The kids enjoyed the kids day events with the police, Children’s Services, and military (which she failed to mention were there).

The car show had 79 beautiful cars and a warm, sunny, day for the show. The people who attended had fun and enjoyed the chili cook off immensely, including the people who cooked the chili and wings. They all had compliments for how well the cook off was run. Even the crowd was much larger than expected for the chili and wing cook off.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON I TALKED TO AT THE EVENT had a good time, and I talked to several hundred people during the day and early evening. Did she comment on any of this? Or talk to any of the participants or volunteers beyond the one person?   Obviously not.

Again, it’s a pity that she felt the need to ruin what was a good day, and also ruin the event for next year, by down-grading what was a fun and productive day. The event MADE money, it didn’t lose money. That, in itself, is a definite plus. Instead of slamming the event, maybe she should have volunteered, like I did, to help and seen firsthand how great the day actually was and how much fun everyone had.

This article was obviously rushed to print and poorly researched. It contained irrelevant information on the sale of left over pop from the event and the storage of leftover frozen hotdogs.   And a stock photo was used – not even a picture from the actual event itself. Next time maybe she should talk to not just ONE person but to ALL of the volunteers and participants to get a better overview of what actually went on. You might find out that it was a damn good day.

Shame on you, Lou.


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I believe that we are here for a reason. We just don't know what it is. I believe there are no borders or color differentiations. We're all the same under the skin and we all want the same basic things. I hate injustice and tend to take a stand against what I feel is unfair and just plain wrong. So, read on and comment if you'd like. Happy New Year!
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