Ebola…….Or How to Make a Country Lose Its Collective Mind

I’ve waited to write something about Ebola because I wanted to see just how far the scare tactics would go before the election.  I have to admit, it exceeded my expectations.

The media and conservative politicians succeeded in keeping this country scared spitless for 2 1/2 months.  That’s a pretty good record, especially for them.  When a major news story knocked Ebola off the front page, the media ignored it and brought the “crisis” right back up in everyone’s face.

Like the rest of the country, I’d been following the Ebola “crisis” in the U.S..  Unlike most of the rest of the country, I’ve actually read the medical journals and studies on this virus, not just what the media has printed……which is mostly meant to freak out the average American.

I ended up having several arguments about the scare and ended up being told I was ignorant and misinformed.  That the media was telling us what the scientists were saying.

Well, that was an outright lie.  lol.

I’m always amazed at the gullibility of some people.  They believe everything they see on Fox News and what they see in the paper.  They don’t bother to question or research it themselves.  They don’t go to the sites or the reference books that give actual FACTS about Ebola.  That there is more than one kind of Ebola.  That the Mayinga strain is still under scrutiny because no one knows how the nurse got it.

We had 2 confirmed cases in this country.  TWO.  One flew in from West Africa and one tended to him and was improperly trained and got it.  One died, the other survived.  Two doctors were treated in this country for Ebola.  Both lived and one donated his blood so the antibodies could be used to treat others.

The facts we know:  Ebola is a virus (technically a filovirus).  There is NO cure for any virus.  It is an RNA strand and has no DNA. . Virus’s cannot be killed unless the body’s immune system is strong enough to fight it off with the aid of intravenous fluids and transfusions.

We don’t know what, or who, the carrier is.  It could be monkeys or bats.  However, people who eat monkey meat that isn’t cooked properly tend to start an epidemic….at least in the documented cases that are available.

Ebola is not air borne.  It is transmitted to other humans by all bodily fluids.  It gets in the human body through the eyes, nose, mouth, cuts, scrapes, or by having sex.  Blood, spit, vomit, diarrhea, sex are the main ways this is spread. Fumigating does nothing to stop Ebola.

Needless to say, I haven’t seen a single bad thing about Ebola since the election.  And I’ve only seen two articles 1) stating one doctored is “cured” and 2)  that a news reporter put herself in voluntary quarantine after visiting and Ebola hospital.  That’s it.

UPDATE:  As of 11/11/14 I have now seen 7 positive articles on Ebola and nothing negative…….of course, it IS after the election.



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