Religion and Religious Fanatics……..

Recently, a pastor friend of mine today tried to tell me that Christians don’t kill people. I was stunned, to say the least, that he could honestly believe something so blatantly untrue and that he’s forgotten history.

He was convinced that Christians killing people ended a couple of hundred years ago with the cessation of the Inquisition.

Evidently he, and many others of like mind, have forgotten the “Christians” who have bombed abortion clinics and killed the doctors, nurses and women inside.  And not just the clinics.  We’ve forgotten the “good Christian boy” who blew up a building in Oklahoma City and murdered men, women and a bunch of children in daycare.

Then we have rabid Christians beating up and murdering innocent US citizens who are of  Muslims descent in Pittsburgh and New York.  Doesn’t that count as Christians murdering people of other faiths?  And they’re proud they’re doing “the Lord’s work”.   Fanatical Christians (and racist Christians) are just as bad as the fanatical Muslims we call terrorists.

We have children dying because their parents go to “faith healers” instead of a doctor or hospital.  This is still Christians murdering others….in this case, their own flesh and blood.

Fanatical Christians (and racist Christians) are just as bad as the fanatical Muslims we call terrorists. These fanatical Christians are trying to shove their personal brand of Christianity down everyone’s throats and I am sick of these fanatics on all sides.   Christians on their own personal Jihad.

If you’ve listened to many of the preachers in half a dozen (or more) churches in this country, you’ll see that they’re advocating wiping certain ethnic people off the face of the earth. They’re also advocating killing Obama and other “non-believers”.  It’s all over the news…..and I don’t mean fox since I refuse to watch it. I mean reputable sites.

I blame it on a misinterpreted Christian faith. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover and I’ve read the Quran.  Neither one advocates violence.  True Christians live by the word and example of Jesus, fanatic/terrorists do not.  But they are the ones getting all the headlines these days and that can’t be denied.

They’re advocating the exact same things that the IS terrorists are advocating and they don’t even realize it.

Normal” Christians aren’t getting the same publicity as the jihadist Christians just like the “normal” Muslims aren’t.  These fanatical Christians are trying to shove their personal brand of Christianity down everyone’s throats just like they did in the Crusades.  You’d think we’d be beyond that in the 21st century.

I am sick of these fanatics on all sides. Where did religious tolerance go? I grew up with it. I went to Catholic school and we visited other denominations, synagogues and mosques. When did it stop? Why are we being taught to hate other people that don’t look like us white folk? It’s the 21st century. We should be beyond this as a species. We should be beyond hatred over skin color, sex or religion. It makes no sense to hate like this.  It is destructive and moronic.

It’s a sad commentary that, as a nation, we are tolerating this and regressing to a time that should only be in history books.  We are no longer a cultural melting pot.  Instead, this nation is becoming nothing more than a nation of thugs, bigots and haters who think nothing of murdering those who look, think, and act differently than they do.

There is nothing Christ-like about that.


About avlanchlovngirl

I believe that we are here for a reason. We just don't know what it is. I believe there are no borders or color differentiations. We're all the same under the skin and we all want the same basic things. I hate injustice and tend to take a stand against what I feel is unfair and just plain wrong. So, read on and comment if you'd like. Happy New Year!
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