To Trump or Not to Trump 2……..

In my last diatribe, I described what I’ve seen with the current political candidates….one in particular being on the receiving end of my disgust.  And my disgust and loathing has only deepened over the last 2 weeks.

Ever since the first debate, more and more things have come out about Herr Trump.  And none of them good.

You have the Attorney General of New York State shutting down the Trump Foundation.  The reasons?  He never filed for charity status.  Never.   Add to that, the only group he’s ever donated money to was an anti-gay group.  And there’s still more.  He used funds donated to his foundation to buy 2 paintings of himself and to pay off myriad legal fees for the 3,500 times he’s been sued. Add this to the rest of his fraudulent (school, steaks, etc.) activities, and you have a very disgusting human being.

Now, comes the one that should disgust everyone and that I alluded to in the last post.

Sexual assault.

Yep.  First came the lawsuit for rape of a 13 year old.  This goes to trial in December and has 2 witnesses (besides the young woman) that will face trump as they state what happened.

Then came the  tape where he’s bragging about groping women’s genitals.  Bragging how, because he’s rich and a star, women will let him do anything he wants.  He doesn’t need permission.  He doesn’t even ask.  He just does what he wants.  The actual words he used are completely repulsive and won’t be repeated here.  (truthfully, I miss the days of the 7 words you can’t say on tv)

Next come the women.  Ten, so far, have come forward claiming he groped them and threatened them so they wouldn’t talk.  With another coming forward late today.

People are asking why they didn’t speak up sooner.  Why?  Ask any psychologist.  Anger, embarrassment, humiliation, fear of publicity, fear of being ostracized, fear of losing their job, and fear of not being believed.  Pick one or all.  Every woman groped by trump felt all of this and so much more.

Why are they coming out now?  Because trump threw down the gauntlet.  He denied he’d ever done anything like that.  He said this at the last debate when Anderson Cooper cornered him about the allegations.  Trump tried to change the subject but Cooper held his feet to the fire and trump started blustering, denying and deflecting.  Just like he always does.  That’s how you know he’s lying.

And he’s still denying it.  He even had the temerity to get a British man to lie for him.

This is what makes it even more heinous – trump denying he’s ever done it when he’s been recorded bragging about sexually assaulting women.  When he was on Howard Stern’s radio show he called his daughter “a piece of ass”.  Another time trump was on Stern’s show, he discussed his affairs and admitted he was a sexual predator when asked by another guest if he was or wasn’t.

In the last 30 years trump has also settled 20 sexual assault or harassment lawsuits out of court thinking no one will pay attention to them.  Even his first 2 wives said he raped them, even though they “down graded” (sic) it later to spousal abuse.

And everything I’ve said here is public record and can be found online.

Yesterday, he began blaming the women who have come forward.  He’s blaming Jewish people for destroying his campaign.  He’s blaming Clinton for putting the tapes out there.  He’s blaming the GOP for not supporting him.

What he’s not doing is taking the blame and owning it.  Trump has destroyed himself with his words and his actions.

He’s called Mexicans thieves, rapists and murderers.  He’s called Phillipino’s animals.  He’s called women pigs, dogs, slobs, whores and more.  He’s called African American’s stupid and worthless.  He’s called Muslim’s disgusting criminals, terrorists and that they should have special ID’s showing who they are.  He’s blamed Jews for destroying banking and finance.

To those of us older than 40, or who study history, this is reminiscent of a certain dictator who took over Germany in 1933 when he became Chancellor of Germany.

Hitler used the same tactics trump is using.  Muzzle the media.  Trump kicks out media from his rallies if they don’t agree with him or criticize him.  Make America great again is similar to the slogan Hitler used….Make Germany great again.  Promote a common enemy.  Hitler had the Jews, trump has Muslims.  Both…. Bash the unions.  Both…. Tell people to rat out others (trump did this at the last debate, telling Muslim’s to tell on other Muslim’s).  Both….. demeaned the disabled and mentally ill.  Both…..Threaten to jail opponents (trump said this to Clinton at the last debate).  And both have followers ready to intimidate, threaten, or possibly kill if asked.  Both….have their followers beating up media and “undesirables”.

The similarities are terrifying.

These are actual things that trump has done.  These aren’t made up comparisons.  This is actually happening NOW.  In this country.  At every trump rally and debate.  And it’s all on video for anyone to look at.

In recent days he’s even started breaking telepromters while his audience applauds.  He’s screaming that the election is rigged, that there will be a violent uprising if he isn’t elected.

He’s setting the stage for a civil war.

As Americans, we cannot allow this man to be president.  He thinks he can do and say whatever he wants, now, just because he’s rich.  Imagine the abuses he can perpetrate if he had the power of the presidency behind him.

The United States swore NEVER AGAIN to let a dictator rise to power.  Certainly NOT in this Republic.





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I believe that we are here for a reason. We just don't know what it is. I believe there are no borders or color differentiations. We're all the same under the skin and we all want the same basic things. I hate injustice and tend to take a stand against what I feel is unfair and just plain wrong. So, read on and comment if you'd like. Happy New Year!
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