Breast Cancer……the Exisional Biopsy…….

There is nothing like having an anxiety attack before going in for surgery.  To be more precise, a panic attack before an exisional biopsy.

Yep.  I was okay laying on the gurney and having the nurse ask me questions.  I was okay until she stuck the IV in and it finally hit me that I was about to be put under for only the third time in my life for something that is pretty scary.

Two hits of versed later, I don’t remember crap.  LOL

Which is a blessing.

I’m told I have stitches inside my breast where the “lumps” were removed and I’ve been super glued shut on the outside.  In all, it doesn’t look nearly as bad as when they did the stereotactic biopsy on the left one.  Very little bruising and moderate pain.  I can’t lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for the next 14 days, but I’ll deal with it.

It’s the funky velcro bra that’s truly annoying.

More later.


About avlanchlovngirl

I believe that we are here for a reason. We just don't know what it is. I believe there are no borders or color differentiations. We're all the same under the skin and we all want the same basic things. I hate injustice and tend to take a stand against what I feel is unfair and just plain wrong. So, read on and comment if you'd like. Happy New Year!
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