Breast Cancer…….After the Mastectomy

It’s been two weeks since the mastectomy of my left breast. I still have the drains in and I’m sore and swollen with an occasional sharp pain. However, the incisions look clean and healthy… if being sewn back together like a patchwork quilt could ever look good.

The surgery was called a skin-saving mastectomy.  The first surgeon takes out all the insides of the breast and 3 lymph nodes.  The lymph nodes get tested immediately and, if cancer is found in all 3 the rest are removed.

Image result for photo of internal structure of female breast

Then, the plastic surgeon comes in and does his thing.  He lifts the muscle and puts in a spreader to maintain the shape of the breast.  It’s filled with a saline solution and will be filled weekly or bi-weekly with 100 cc’s of fluid until it matches my other breast.

Then the fun begins.   I go under the knife again and they remove the spreader and insert the belly fat into the empty space.

At the moment, I can’t push, pull, or life anything over 10 pounds.  I can’t drive thanks to the medication and there are exercises to keep me from stiffening up.

I learned yesterday, that they found a cancer cell in the first of the 3 lymph nodes they yanked out.  I guess that was to be expected.  Translated, it means I will have to undergo chemotherapy for God knows how long and probably be on tamoxifin, or something similar, for at least a year, maybe longer.  I’ll be talking to the oncologist next week.

But, right now, I need to concentrate on healing.  It will be a few months, and 5 injections into the spreader, before they can do the surgery to rebuild lefty with the fat from my belly.  In all, I get a boob job and a tummy tuck.  Not bad for an old broad.

But that’s for another day.

I refuse to worry about what coming.  The worst is past. The cancer has been removed and I am the luckiest person on the planet.






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