Breast Cancer……. The Drain

Yesterday was interesting. I was able to have the drain taken out.  After 3 weeks and one day of having the thing snaking around my non-existent boob and having it run out my side and into a container, I can honestly say I was ecstatic to get this drain hose out of me.

My daughter, who is a nurse, had never seen a mastectomy drain taken out.  She was thrilled to watch how it was removed and the way you could see it under my skin. She was fascinated.

Personally, I was glad I couldn’t feel it.

Damn things was at least 2 feet long and was coiled around and under the breast expander.  It ran under my arm and out my side into a plastic oval ball that had to be measured and emptied several times a day.

The relief of getting it out lasted for about a minute.

Then came the insertion of 100 cc’s of fluid into the expander.  I was pretty grateful that I no longer have nerves left in the skin of my non-existent breast. I despise needles and couldn’t even look.   However, my daughter was fascinated…….again.

He used a magnet to find the spot where he could inject the fluid.  Evidently, the expander has a metal ring to show you where the injection site is.  It was over pretty quickly and I never felt the needle.  I could feel the fluid expanding it since the expander is under the muscle. Then, the nurse I bandaged me up and sent on us on our way.

In the car on the drive home, I felt pain in my side where I’m swollen from the lymph nodes being removed, and under my left shoulder blade (for some bizarre reason it hurts there).  When I got out of the car it felt like my side and back had exploded.

So me, being me, wanted to know what the hell was going on.

My shirt was soaking wet on the left side where the “hole” was.  Evidently, the hole kept leaking fluid all the way home because the bandage was soaked through and the bandage wasn’t quite in the right place.  I took the shirt off, ripped off the bandage, folded up some gauze and placed it over the hole and taped up the hole.

It was soaked in about 4 hours.

This morning, the fourth gauze bandage was soaked.  We shall see how long this lasts.





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